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Like a zillion other people, bluesy-funky-soul-sister Edy Blu had her heart broken.

“I fell for someone who was already in a relationship,” says Edy. “I was vulnerable and exposed, but I decided not to be afraid. I hurt, but I resisted that primal urge to close my heart (I also resisted the man--I don’t move like that). I realized being hurt and being damaged are two different things.”

This inspired the concept of her debut EP Heart Opener, released May 20, 2016, a catchy, danceable collection that serves as a meditation on what comes from living with an open heart.

Part of what comes is vulnerability and risk, which Edy says is cool with her. “My motto is ‘Thrive in the new.’” Her EP, a lively collection of four folk/soul songs, is reflective of a fresh start for herself as a singer-songwriter in her new home, the musically inventive Washington, D.C. (think Chuck Brown’s go-go beats and Donny Hathaway’s stirring lyricism).

She wrote the material on her guitar after moving to D.C., but it was the process of getting the songs produced that confirmed the EP’s central idea that life works best when you keep your heart open. While traveling in Barcelona during the summer of 2015, Edy met producer and multi-instrumentalist Raul Del Moral; they immediately 'clicked,' and within weeks the entire EP was recorded at his studio. Furthermore, when Sarao Music, a Universal Music subsidiary in Barcelona, heard the project, Edy and Raul were immediately commissioned to record a concept album of pop-soul music for commercial licensing. Radio Friendly was released in November 2016.  

Lyrically wise and always danceable, Edy Blu’s music is on the rise.

Touring in an RV, Edy is hitting the West Coast starting September 2016. The Heart Opener Fall Tour will hit cities such as Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Austin. It is built around the concept of taking risks and being vulnerable; she’ll play acoustically and with local musicians she meets on the road, creating together around her original compositions.

So keep your heart open, thrive in the new...and look out for Edy Blu.

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Photo by Luke Andahazy.